Frequency Skin Consultation

Are You Ready To Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone & Discover Root Causes?

Frequency Consultation    $70

Our skin is a mirror that informs us of what is going on inside of our body.  It is the easiest way for our body to communicate with us.

How many times have you heard the following related to your skin condition:

“It is hormonal and it will eventually go away”
“It is hereditary and there is no cure”
“Use these skincare products and it will go away”
“Take this antibiotic and it will go away”

Medications and harsh topicals are a thing of the past at our skin clinic.  We believe that they are just masking the root causes as to why your skin is expressing itself with its current condition.

If you are looking for an answer from within, this is the perfect treatment for you.

This process begins by channeling your energy through pendulums and crystals to unfold the root causes of your skin conditions. We are able to look at any emotional, mental, spiritual and physical components as to why your skin is showing up with certain manifestations. A variety of different charts are used when identifying the root causes and through your energy we are able to zone in on the exact messages you are in most need of. Through this process, we can clear and heal any blocks that appear on an energetic level.

BONUS: An angel card + universe card is drawn using the pendulum and crystals that are infused with your energy

Intrigued to find out what your root causes are? Book in for a Frequency Skin Consultation Today!


We are currently offering this service over video chat for those of you who would like to see the whole process


We can set up a time for a phone call where we can explain the process to you and how it works.  After our phone call, we will have you forward us a recent photo of yourself and we will begin the session.  Once complete, we will call you with all the information that we were able to collect energetically – the most exciting part!

Duration: 30-60 Minutes


"I had a therapy session with Stephanie and it was fantastic! I have been dealing with some skin issues for many years and Stephanie confirmed many things I was feeling, but no Dr’s would listen to. She was point on with so many things, and throughly explained why things were happening! The crystals were the touch that put it over the top! Thank you so much for your help and guidance! Much success to you!" - Carlie, Pennsylvania

"I had a frequency consultation with Stephanie, something I've not done before but was totally open to it. She is amazing and definitely knows what she is talking about. Stephanie is compassionate and takes her time to explain things. This type of consultation helps you explore what issues you may have internally that can trigger physical issues on the outside. I would definitely have another session with her!" - L.M, Caledon

"Thank you for the crystal reading Stephanie. It helped reaffirm some causes I had already suspected were triggers for my Perioral Dermatitis and shed some light on some other areas in my life. The reading was very interesting and I feel that I learned a lot. I now have a plan moving forward and I have high hopes that the things we discussed will help with my skin condition and other areas in my life!" - Rachel, Alberta