About Steph

My name is Stephanie and I am the owner of SkinSoooLush Medi Spa.

I have a deep passion for skin health and unfolding root causes as to why your skin is currently manifesting in certain conditions.

The visible imperfections appearing on the skin are a direct reflection of a block in the body.  Until the root cause is known and healed, the skin will continue to manifest in an imbalanced state.

I believe that using a harsh topical to treat the skin is a thing of the past.  Why infuse your skin with toxins when we can work together to infuse it with love?

I focus on internal health and external beauty, connecting the mind, body and soul in each service I offer to elevate your spa experience.

I heal the skin through holistic facial modalities, vibrational energy, ancient tools, modern technology and whole-plant based skincare. By combining all of these different modalities, I am able to assist individuals, of all ages, with a variety of skin concerns.

Skin Conditions I Can Assist With…

Acne (Including Hormonal Imbalance)
Acne Scarring
Dry + Flaky Skin
Facial Puffiness + Swelling
Facial Tension
Fine Lines + Wrinkles
Headaches + Migraines
Hyperpigmentation + Sun Spots
Oily Skin
Sinus Pressure + Congestion

Welcome to the healing side of beauty, a space where beauty meets soul experience.