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Welcome to the healing side of beauty.

SkinSoooLush Medi Spa was designed with the intention to provide its clientele with the most therapeutic and advanced medical aesthetic treatments. Combining aromatherapy into the practice of aesthetics allows for individuals to be treated as whole, from the inside out.

We create customized treatments where we combine holistic skincare, therapeutic rituals and medical aesthetic devices, allowing us to treat and heal the skin from within.

SkinSoooLush is a place where individuals enter into an ambiance of serenity and tranquility. Surrounded by the warming scent of the essential oils, individuals are able to enter into a full state of relaxation, where the mind, body and spirit are all treated through a holistic approach.

Treating the skin on a medical and therapeutic level is Stephanie’s area of expertise. Let the journey to healthier skin and a confident YOU begin here!

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