Holistic Approach

We transform the skin by combining internal + external modalities, ancient tools, holistic rituals, esthetic technology, crystal frequency and whole-plant based skincare.

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Voted #1 BEST SPA/ESTHETIC SERVICES IN CALEDON by the Caledon Readers' Choice Awards 2020!


Microneedling ONLY $299 (reg. $360) | Oxygen Glass Facial ONLY $179 (reg. $199) | Valid until March 31 2023.

Our Services

Holistic Facials

Healing facial modalities and vibrational energy work in the synergy to restore the skin.

Facial Peels

Dead Sea solution gently removes damaged outer layers of skin while restoring moisture.


Diamond power, vacuum suction & sand-like tip gently exfoliate the outer layers of skin.

Light Therapy

LED phototherapy tackles bacteria, calms inflammation and reduces pigmentation.

Oxygen Glass

Delivers high concentrations of oxygen molecules to the skin under a large dome.


Makes use of small, sterile needles to target a variety of different skin concerns.


Exfoliating blade gently removes peach fuzz and provides the skin with a healthy glow.

Skin Tightening

Radio frequency heats up the skin tissue which stimulates collagen + elastin.

Body Contouring

Muscle activation + radio frequency melt fat cells while sculpting & contouring the body.

Our Products

Skin Science

Understands skin chemistry by combining hydration + nutrition to deliver optimal results.


No Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Nanoparticles, Mineral Oils, Silicones, SLS, BHT, BHA and Petrochemicals.


Plant Sourced

Botanical ingredients, 100% pure essential oils + cruelty-free. Derived right from the earth.

What Physicians Are Saying

“...clear redness and vessles in a single treatment with little risk to patients, unlike any other vascular laser on the market.”
- Dr. Jason Emer, Dermatologist


Color Matters

Yellow = safer & more effective outcomes

The yellow wavelength (577nm) provides the best absorption when treating blood vessels. This translates to less power required during treatment, resulting in:

• Greater comfort
• Shorter healing period
• Reduced risk of side effects
• Ability to safely treat darker skin types

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Depth Matters

The ProYellow laser
penetrates deeper
than standard green
(532nm) lasers,
addressing both
visible lesions and
underlying vessels.

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    SkinSoooLush Medi Spa Inc
    318 Queen Street South
    Bolton Ontario
    L7E 4Z9
    Bolton, Ontario, L7E 4Z5

    Tel: (647) 527-7546
    Email: info@skinsooolushmedispa.ca

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         SkinSoooLush Medi Spa 
         318 Queen Street South 
         Bolton, Ontario
         L7E 4Z9

         Tel: (647) 527-7546

         Email: info@skinsooolushmedispa.ca